The belief in Muhammad (saww) as the last Messenger of Allah – Rasool-Allah - and in his Prophethood is one of the fundamental articles of faith for a Muslim.  As such then, all Muslims are familiar, to some extent, with the life history of Prophet Muhammad (saww). The familiarity would vary from a basic superficial level, or to a fleeting chain of historical events, or to a deep understanding of some specific event.  Many excellent books, authored by eminent scholars, have been written giving a meticulous, comprehensive and detailed account of the Prophet’s life history.  The author felt a need for a less detailed, but yet a comprehensive enough text for a reader to understand the Prophet’s full life history. This book sets out to do just that. It is intended for a Muslim and non-Muslim reader alike. The book is written in short chapters, in a narrative points form and in a story-like fashion. This is done purposely to make the reading easy and interesting.

Author Dr Mahmood Husein Datoo
Cover Type
Cover Type Paper Back
ISBN 978-1-909285-57-6
Language English
Pages 190
Publisher The World Federation of KSIMC
Year Published
Year Published 4th Edition 2016

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Prophet Muhammad (saww) - A Concise Biography - New Edition

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